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“Waste is a beautiful thing to mind”
Top 10 Benefits of Compaction

Preventative Maintenance 
Emergency Service
Customer Service
Service & Repairs
Payment Options
Safety & Operational Training
Reduces Collection Costs
Reduces the cost of transporting refuse to the disposal site. A compactor may eliminate 3 of 4 trips.
Saves Labor
No more need to break boxes down, etc. Eliminates bringing trash to outside container.
Discourages Scavengers
Keeps people from picking through your trash.
Prevents Windblown Trash
No more need to sweep parking lots because of scattered trash.
Reduces Insect/Rodent Problems
Compliance with local ordinances.
Controls Odor
A sealed compaction system reduces odor.
Saves Outside Parking Space
Valuable to customers and employees.
Avoid Unauthorized Disposal
Prevents others from using your container for disposal of their trash or hazardous waste.
Saves Indoor Storage Space
No need to use storeroom space for refuse.
Minimizes Pilferage
Deters employees from taking merchandise out the back door.

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