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Why Preventative Maintenance Makes Sense
Why Preventative Maintenance Makes Sense

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» Compactors are similar to automobiles, they need maintenance on a regular basis! Like an automobile, proper servicing will extend the life of the machine and give you better performance.

» On a daily basis a building maintenance person has to check the equipment. A good check starts with safety.

» Building personnel should also look for leaks of the hydraulic fluid. Similar to periodically checking your car's oil level, compactor levels must be checked and fluid added when necessary.

Professional inspections / mechanical and electrical

Yearly is the norm for a professional to inspect the entire machine. Since the machine is metal with moving parts, it must be checked for signs of metal fatigue. Metal rubbing against metal, must be checked for wear. Often a simple correction can save a considerable amount of money.

Similar to an oil change for an automobile, the hydraulic fluid level in a compactor must be changed. There is also a filter in the hydraulic system that should also be changed. When removing the fluid the technician feels the fluid to see if there are any metallic particles in it. Excessive particles can be a sign of problems. They must check (for signs of wear) and correct the piston that operates the ram for proper garbage compression.

The electrical system is also important since it is the basis for the machine's operation. Most of the electrical wiring is incased in piping. Therefore, the integrity of the piping should be visually inspected.

Yearly cleaning
Once a year a professional cleaning service should be called in to internally clean, deodorize and disinfect the compactor and chute. A complete application of bacteria hungry enzymes should be applied. Hopper doors on each floor should be cleaned, adjusted for tension and aligned.
Extending compactor life
Proper maintenance will greatly extend the life of a compactor. The basic steps outlined serve as guidelines, but building personnel should be encouraged to look and listen to the compactor regularly. A good manager can often hear or see changes in the machine that serve as a warning sign that something is wrong. There is no substitute for vigilant daily observations that can shortcut costly repairs.

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